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Home Cleaning Done Right Away

Get reliable & affordable cleaning services for your facility with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Including Whole house high quality cleaning, facility of equipment and supplies provided with highly trained cleaning staff those are licensed, bonded and insured to work providing amazing disinfection and sanitization services.

Our services going to leave your house spotless and gleaming as you dream of with secured work policy and flexible working hours provided with a wide range of contract house-keeping services because we believe in building trust between customer and the company.



Our Benefits

We provide our clients with the best of the benefits which helps saving them from worry and stressful situations of daily clean-ups and to keep their homes in mint condition.

We provide satisfactory care for your property along with fully trained cleaning staff keeping your requirements in mind. Further we follow strict health and safety guidelines and can help you create customized plan to work according to your maintenance costs as well as we accommodate for your seasonal needs.

Respect of time and property, Employ tracking to make sure they are on site, we provide you with a maintenance schedule before-hand. Moreover, we provide inspection reports with proper safety, handling, labelling and maintenance.
Note: We respect everyone’s privacy (no pictures or info will be taken or shared without the express written consent)

Areas to be cleaned should be accessible, Client cooperation is appreciated and respect for time (see scheduling and cancellation policy)

In the event of possible health hazards, such as mold, infestation of bugs or rodents, SpotlessByJenn must be notified when scheduling consultation.

We expect you to trust in our quality in an ongoing process. We make sure to provide you with our methods of quality control to make you understand even the difficult parts will be inspected and taken care of.
We provide insurance coverage for instance if a cleaner injure themselves on your property or it is provided so that you won’t have to take risks in your facility. Know that the company you’re hiring has your back and that employees are properly protected from any accident. Further it allows reimbursement for any broken damaged or missing item during the cleaning hours.

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For Residential Cleaning

Our Staff is trained to clean everything you need!